Sullivan County Election Results

The following information was provided by the Sullivan County Clerk’s Office for the April 6, 2021 General Municipal Election.

Browning Mayor

R. Dean Spencer 2

Alderman At Large Browning

vote for two

Chad Gooch 3

Jackie Lynn Flummer 2

Board Member Pollock

vote for five

Shirley Seidel 7

Phyllis Blondefield 7

Riley Lily 7

David Prewitt 7

Kathy Versules 7

Northward Alderman


Richard Head 37

Write in 1

Westward Alderman


Lesa J. Smith 26

Southward Alderman Southward

Write-in 15

Alderman At Large Newtown

vote for two

Write in 4

Write in 2

Board Member Humphreys

vote for three

Brady Vaughn 0

John Garrison 0

Caleb Cagel 0

Board Member Green City R-1 vote for two

Kellen Hatcher 60

Jeff Kimmel 38

James Thomas 48

Board Member Milan C-2

vote for two

Nicholas Gardener 104

David Richardson 141

Kristine M. Good 100

Rebecca Bennett 3

Board Member Putnam R-1 vote for two

Jordan Hendee 0

Daniel Spring 0

Board Member Linn R-1

vote for two

Jack Green 6

Crystal C. Palmer 2

Rodney Seals 6

Village of Humphreys Prop. 2

Yes 0

No 0

Village of Humphreys Prop. 3

Yes 0

No 0

Village of Pollock Prop. 2

Yes 7

No 0

Putnam County R-1 School Dist Prop. 2

Yes 0

No 0